Memorial Geocaching:

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The goal of this website is to introduce the concept of a geocaching memorial and help you get started making a memorial geocache.

Special thanks to Bettie-Jeanne Rivard-Darby for her fine presentation at the 2015 Gathering of Bereaved Parents of the USA!

"What is Geocaching? I've never heard of Geocaching."

Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity suitable for the whole family.

People with geocaching experience ("geocachers") hide waterproof containers ("caches"), usually with trinkets ("swag"), and a logbook. Geocachers who have hidden one or more caches are known as cache owners.

Carefully recording the exact latitude and longitude ("GPS coordinates") of each cache when it is placed is very important.

The cache owner gives their new cache a name, then submits the name, description, one or more hints, and the GPS coordinates to WWW.Geocaching.Com for approval.

A reviewer, a volunteer geocacher with lots of experience, checks the cache container, location, coordinates, etc., to be sure that everything is accurate and falls within the guidelines. The reviewer either approves the new cache or the cache owner fixes any problems and the cache is reviewed again.

When the new cache is accepted by Geocaching.Com, a listing is posted for all the other cachers to see.

Competition is usually strong to be the first cacher to find a new cache. The coveted "FTF" (First-To-Find) goes into the cache's logbook. You can bet the FTF is logged on Geocaching.Com very quickly, too.
(Some owners of new caches hide special swag for the geocacher who is the first to find the new cache.)

Does geocaching sound interesting? Learn more at our Geocaching 101 Page and join this family-friendly sport!

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"I know about Geocaching, but what is a Geocaching Memorial?"

A Geocaching Memorial is a geocache created with the intention of honoring the memory of a loved one, human or otherwise.

People or pets don't have to have passed on to be honored! You'll find caches dedicated to wives, husbands, parents, and children who are alive and well.

Memorial geocaches are intended to be personal. When we love someone, we want other people to get to know about them and their good qualities.
Your choice of swag for a geocache memorial will probably reflect the personality and tastes of the honoree. You also have the right to request that people leave items that fall within specific categories, such as charms, angels, and butterflies, just to mention a few.

Nothing on this website is intended to support a particular belief system, religious or otherwise. If you find anything here offensive please tell us!

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